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Cynthia Pratt is Running for Re-election
to the Lacey City Council!

Iíve decided to run for one more term and Iím hoping you will give me the same support as you have in the past. Iíve taken an active part in making this city a vibrant, livable and family-oriented community.

Even more important to me, is making sure we keep and grow our open spaces, and parks. This includes making sure Laceyís environment remains healthy with clean sources of drinking water, reductions in air pollution and making sure we care for our trees, lakes, and Woodland Creek (including its tributaries in our city.

The next four years I will strive to make Lacey be a great place to live: a city that supports family-owned businesses, provides a place where everyone feels a part of the diverse community and where the less fortunate gets support, and makes sure our natural resources are protected.

Cynthia was first elected to the Lacey City Council in 2009, and has served from 2010 to the present.

Looking Toward the Next Four Years

I hope to continue to move the vision of a vibrant, walk-friendly, community-oriented Woodland Business District to reality, as well as vitalize our other districts: Hawks Prairie, Gateway, our Depot District and Horizons District.

Engage Citizens in Decision-making: I want to continue to look for ways to engage the community to participate in the Cityís decision-making process and activities.
Walkable Lacey: I hope to encourage staff to develop connectivity between our extensive trails and parks so that residents and visitors can access our parks easily by walking and biking, encouraging a healthy lifestyle. Staff has begun the process of developing a Pedestrian and Bike Plan for Lacey. I strongly have supported this task and we now have grant money to work on it. This effort will find pathways through our communities that bicyclists can safely travel from one major thoroughfare to the next without the worry of traveling through heavy traffic areas.

Prescription Discount Program: Because the City of Lacey is part of the National League of Cities, and because Iím involved with their committees, I am pushing to include the Leagueís Prescription Discount Program. This program allows CVS pharmacies to discount any uncovered prescription costs for you, and your pets, if they have a disease whose medication prescriptions are similar to humans. For instance, high blood pressure or kidney disease medicine for Fluffy or Fido mostly likely would be covered.

Septic Systems: Through my encouragement, Lacey staff is continuing to look for ways to ease the burden on households while still trying to reduce our number of septic systems in the City and UGA. To do this, we must find funding solutions to convert septic systems to City sewer delivery to reduce water quality impacts to Laceyís lakes, aquifers, and Woodland Creek. Not only am I working on finding these funds at the State level, but also at the National level, through grants and water/wastewater assistance programs.

Homeless and Affordable Housing: This issue not only affects Lacey, but all jurisdictions in Thurston County, as well as the unincorporated areas. We need to approach this regionally, otherwise we just move those in need to another city other than our own. This will not just take funding, but innovative solutions that address gaps that donít get addressed by our non-profits. Lacey, through our CDBG funding has given significant amounts toward affordable housing as well as support Homeless Vets through our Veteranís Hub. However, more is needed.

Right now, Lacey has a few RVs that canít afford to park in RV parks. Their extended long-term parking in public areas and on private property makes it difficult for other residents to have access. Iím exploring equitable ways to help the homeless receive support, while still providing the rest of the community access to public facilities and private business.


Thank you for your support!

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